We feed sport-enthusiasts.

Taste our pizzas, try out our beers and cocktails specifically chosen to make your party great. Follow the best sport events on the 4k screens at the restaurant and satisfy your craving for sport.


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An Espresso is your pleasure.

Con un Caffè MasabaStart off your day with a full-bodied and delightful Masaba Coffee, a fair-trade innovative project. Or why not having a fresh smoothie or a delicate hot chocolate? Your morning will taste different! 

Our Pizzeria

We offer you tasty pizzas. It’s enough to do a few things, but doing them right. Like a Number Ten!
You won’t do without it anymore.

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The Pub

A pint of beer is your moment. That’s why we selected products which perfectly matches both our cuisine and your relaxing moments. If you wish, you could pour yourself your very own pint of beer form the self-service tap, designed to make your evening unique.
Ask for you RFID badge!

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4k 85’’ Screens

Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, NFL, NBA, MotoGp, F1, Events. Enjoy your favourite matches from the two 4k 85’’ screens and don’t miss out a detail. Follow our events schedule and come to taste sport in giga-size.

Aperitivo. Of Course. 

A selection of fine wines, with or without bubbles, crafted cocktails and lots of beer by the tap or bottled are the perfect ingredients to pair with the best appetizers the season can offer. Bye Bye stress!


Have you ever thought that the Gin-Tonic flavour can match a pizza just perfectly? Well, we did. And we want to share this with you. Mixology is a world that will fall in love with for sure. Selected cocktails to lead the way.

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Blue Gold

Water is the fundamental element of life. We do our best trying to contain waste as much as we can, even those produced by packaging. (Therefore, we purify and bottle our own water in reusable containers) A non-conformist choice, for sure, but this is our way of life. Transparent.

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Have you ever thought: "That's cool! I want to be there!" Events and theme nights will be launched "randomly". But how about celebrating a birthday or a special party at our venue.

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